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We are an organization that specializes in changing lives today for success tomorrow through a 6 month videography and photography program. We work with a numerous amount of non-profits to help better their business, build more content and bring awareness. We will be working with students from ages 13-18

Students will go through a 6-month program 

 where we  teach them the ins and outs of a camera.

Shutter Speed, ISO, F-stops, Frame Rate etc.

Students will then break off into Videography or Photography to go more into depth and learn to develop there own unique style. 

At the end of the program they will deliver a final product for a partnering Non-Profit or Small Business in the form of professional headshots or business promotional video.

Are you a...
Do you Own a camera?
Students must submit a 2-3 minute video introducing yourself and telling us why you would like to be apart of our program! Please email us @!

Thanks for submitting!


Lions Den Childrens Photography Workshop
March 23, 2024
Bold As A Lion Cinematography Workshop
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